I once read an article that spoke on where to get "datable rich/wealthy people,” and the list ran from Malls, Airports, Banking halls, luxury-clothing stores and on and on. However, we all know how most of us go on blind dates, get on dating sites and even hook some of our friends up with these sites. Despite how some people in this century, still do not like the idea or feel it’s a cheesy way to ask someone out, we have to agree that, that fear or excuse has become a thing of the past. With about 20% of every relationship starting online, the question now should be, which dating site would work best with me? And, why go for a millionaire dating site?
First, I want you to put away the thought that you have to be wealthy to be able to get on this site or attract any man/woman on the site. You see, rich folks don’t go looking for busy rich folks like them, because they know that they both wouldn’t have enough time for each other, as both of them would have a busy schedule. So, men of millionaire dating sites look out for not so "busy” women and vice versa. So, back to which sites would work best with me.
Obviously, I would be recommending that you make use of the millionaire dating sites and apps because most people on the app want a serious and more permanent relationship. Because there are lesser youngsters here, lesser people who just want to experiment or just meet new people. Folks on the millionaire dating site are mostly interested in relationships that would end up in marriage. And let’s not forget, you also get to meet with people who are ready to share their life of luxury and affluence with you. And we do have the following sites:


For the people scared of long distance-relationships, Love planet might just be your saving grace. It helps you find the singles near you, who likes you and would like t meet you. with a forum of over 3 million single people, 100% information privacy, the chances of you finding your perfect partner just got square. The application comes in handy on your phone,and you do not have to always access a laptop before you get to notifications on your page. There is a trial period of 7 days, where you get to explore as much as you want. Also, an age limit of 17years has been placed on the app access, it comes in various languages like; Dutch, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish,etc. there are also intense mature themes you can work with as your mood changes,and there are premium prices you pay to get more exclusive options on the application.
After, a free trial period of 7 days and you do not cancel your subscription, a monthly payment of $25. 99 USDwill be charged from your account. Although there are several other premium options you could explore, like the $9.49 USD for 7 days, the $23.49 USD for 1 month, the $44.99 USD for 3 months. The payments are charged from your iTunes account, there is also an auto-renew option, just so you do not have to worry about keeping up with the monthly payment, the prompt command would be put in place.


LOVOO came to screen in 2012, it has a wide network range of people you can meet for a chat, a few nights and for life even. LOVOO proudly shows off the app’s ability to link you up on a platform with 35 million matches and 250 million messages being moved around in a month. The App basically allows you to meet new people and get to know them. This would work for you if you’re more reserved to the idea of being on a dating app. The app comes free, and it allows you search for people in your vicinity who are also looking to make new friends. You get to have your own profile, upload pictures, get likes and lots and lots of amazing links you could explore.
Also, the LOVOO app has more features that are exclusive to people who are on their premium offer. It allows you be the first to chat new people on the app up, see who visited your profile and also allow you to chat with them immediately. Your profile gets to pop up on the "match” link often, to get more views for your profile and invariably, more friends!. You also get to send chat requests to people who aren’t even your "match” and if you would like to stay anonymous, you can easily hide your profile visit. It really doesn’t get cooler than this. LOVOO is like the "real-fantasy” world. With premium process available at $12.99 per month, $24.99 for 3 months and $69.99 for a year.


SKOUT like it’s name, allows you to scout for new friends. You get to meet people by preference and proximity. You chat, broadcast yourself and watch other people’s broadcast about themselves. It’s also a platform that allows you to meet with people in a completely safe and secure cyber space. Millions of people connect and meet up through SKOUT with the ability to browse through each other’s profiles and get updates from users nearby. SKOUT is downloadable for free, but there is an optional premium subscription service. The premium service is available for $9.99 in one month, $24.99 in three months and $69.99 in one year. There is also the auto-renew option, although you do not get to cancel an active subscription, you can switch off your auto-renewal and manage these subscriptions from your iTunes account. The app also come in various languages, so you do not get stuck with just English language. This app only allows people above the age of 17 years to apply, while still giving its mature audience, intense/mature/suggestive themes with enough fun to keep everyone happy.
These millionaire dating sites and the packages that come along with them, are worth shelving other sitesfor.