Dating tips for senior millionaires

If you are a senior millionaire reading this article, you’ll be glad to know that we are going to share some very powerful dating tips with you, so that you will be even more empowered when it comes to your love life.

Know your value.  

Although you are much older than those sexy and attractive young women, it doesn’t mean they are more valuable than you.  Because your wealth and status are just as valuable as their assets (beauty and youth), if not more valuable.  Young women’s youth and beauty will lose value as time goes by; however, your wealth and status will only become more and more powerful.  In other words, after a certain age, a hot woman has very little to offer.  But you are a high-value man forever.

Don’t feel intimidated by younger men.  

Many senior millionaires feel intimidated because they think hot women prefer younger men.  Yet you need to know that younger men are generally very boring – they don’t have money, they don’t have status, they don’t have experiences in life.  So younger men don’t really have a lot of competitive edge in the dating market.  We have interviewed so many women who told us things like "dating younger men means talking about student loans, job-hunting, instant noodles and instant coffee.  Really boring and naïve.”  We also hear women say, "Younger men tend to complain about their bosses and their dead-end day jobs.  They are losers.”

Assume that hot women like you.  

This tip may sound a bit strange, but assuming that everyone is interested in you actually helps you to maximize your chance to succeed in your love life.  That’s because: 1) If you assume every woman is interested in you, you’ll feel more confident.  Once you are confident, you become more attractive.  2) If you assume every woman is interested in you, women around you will react differently because your attitude changes their response.  Therefore, they will act as if they actually like you in the long run.

Dating Tips for Seniors

Choose hot women that can add real value to your life.  

It’s okay to financially support a hot woman if she is in a relationship with you.  But you should clarify a very important element by asking yourself, "If she is with me because of my money and power, does she add real value to my life at the same time?”  Oftentimes, you’ll notice that some women have no real value to add because they only have beauty and youth.  But some women can add real value, e.g. they always make you look good wherever you go; they look after you very well in every way; they make your friends feel amazing, so your social circle upgrades because of her!

Get legal advice.  

If you are planning on marrying a younger woman, you’d better get some legal advice first.  In many countries, once you get married, your previous Will is not valid anymore.  Therefore, you should consult with a lawyer and ask questions.  If you need to make sure all your money will belong to your adult children in the future, you should invest in good legal advice now.  Also, in some countries, de facto relationships and marriages are pretty much the same, so you really need excellent legal advice in order to protect your assets in the long term – even if you don’t marry her, your de facto relationship with her can become her leverage to ask for money from you when she breaks up with you.  Another suggestion is: You may consider signing a pre-nup with her, so that she won’t access your money if something happens.