Best Dating Apps for Women (the Teachings of an Ambitious Lady)
If you are an ambitious woman who wants to marry the rich, you’ll want to take notes as you read this article, because I’m a rich woman who has married the money. No, I’m not a gold-digger because a gold-digger is someone who gets cash from a rich guy and then leaves quickly. I’m just an ambitious lady who wants to achieve financial success through hypergamy. There is nothing wrong with that.

$1$ Brilic

I met my multi-millionaire husband via Brilic dating app on New Year’s Eve and now we are happily married. Yes, he married me three months after we met each other on Brilic dating app. My rich husband isn’t a billionaire, but he is a multi-millionaire who has a hugely successful business in Melbourne. I invited Brilic team to our wedding last week, but only one lady from their team was able to come to our wedding because their other team members have other commitments overseas. I’m eternally grateful to Brilic for their outstanding dating service.

$2$ Millionaire Match (Bunned)

I met my ex-boyfriend on Millionaire Match in 2014. He is a seriously rich man with investments in real estate and oil business. Millionaire Match is definitely a legitimate wealthy dating app because my girlfriends also met their rich partners via this app. Therefore, I would say it’s a very reliable and trustworthy dating app for women who are interested in meeting rich guys that are able to protect and provide. If you are sick and tired of dating poor and greedy men who are users, abusers, losers and liars, you must get rid of mainstream dating apps and join Millionaire Match as soon as possible. Nonetheless, it seems that Apple has deleted all luxury dating apps on iTunes, so if you want to use a wealthy dating app, you can go to Android.

$3$ Seeking

If you aren’t looking for a serious relationship and you want to date rich men who will spoil you, you must check out Seeking dating app – the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating app in 2019. Since its inception, Seeking has attracted 10 million members in 193 countries and its database is growing very fast. When the US government was shutdown in January 2019, the growth of Seeking’s database was 35% within one month. Obviously, a growing number of switched-on women are looking for sugar daddies in this unstable economy. That being said, a large number of their members are actually looking for long-term relationships & some sugar daddies and their sugar babies got married. It is said that the divorce rate of their members is very low because when money and intimacy are both looked after, a marriage is very stable and sustainable.

$4$ Luxy (Bunned)

I love Luxy dating app because men on this app are not only rich, but also handsome. Before I met my rich husband, I dated several men from Luxy – they are all very good-looking, elegant and rich! Luxy has a very upscale ambience – its theme color (black) and classic red roses (virtual gifts) are so beautiful and classy. Men on this app are high-value men who know how to treat women right with respect and dignity.

$5$ Dine

Dine dating app is very unique – it’s all about having the first date in a restaurant. When I was single, I was on this app every single day because I wanted to meet millionaire men who can take me to fancy restaurants so that I didn’t have to pay for my dinner. Yes, it was a very eye-opening experience: I have learned that lots of upscale restaurants don’t have prices on the woman’s menu – things like this can only be learned if you have the money to spend in fine restaurants. I was so impressed with Dine dating app because I’ve had fancy dinners in the best restaurants – all paid by generous rich men. Oh, by the way, I didn’t use them for dining out. In fact, many of those guys are still my friends – we just didn’t become lovers.

$6$ Tinder Select

Tinder Select is a bit different from Tinder. I was lucky enough to be invited to join Tinder Select a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed that online dating experience. Men on Tinder Select are all established and successful. They are relatively well-known in the local area, so they are doing quite well career-wise. Overall, I highly recommend Tinder Select, but I don’t recommend Tinder at all because Tinder is full of men who only wants to get laid for free.

$7$ Raya

Compared to other upscale dating apps, Raya’s membership fee is low and the quality of its members is very high. I joined Raya because I know several people who are already using Raya (they invited me). Most people using Raya are celebrities and entrepreneurs. Although I’m not a celebrity or an entrepreneur, I’m a very attractive woman with powerful friends that I’ve met over my social-climbing years. I think my attractiveness is a huge asset because it has brought a lot of benefits to me, including meeting successful men on Raya who helped me with my career, although they didn’t marry me.

$8$ Miss Travel (Bunned)

I’ve been to France, Italy, Spain, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the United States and Canada because I was a member of Miss Travel. This reliable dating app introduces wealthy guys to hot girls so that hot women can travel for free – wealthy men pay for everything during every trip. My life has certainly become more colorful, wonderful and beautiful after using Miss Travel dating app. And I still enjoy the benefits of those worldly experiences today.

$9$ WhatsYourPrice (Bunned)

WhatsYourPrice is another luxury dating app for women who want to meet the rich. These days a lot of women believe in feminism and think that they should pay their own way. But I don’t believe that. In my opinion, feminism is just a way to manipulate women so that men can benefit from it – nowadays men and women are equal, so men don’t need to look after women financially anymore. That’s not something that I believe in. As I see it, women shouldn’t pay for anything on a date because our time and energy are very valuable. That’s why WhatsYourPrice is a perfect dating app for women like me – I went out with men who paid me cash for going out with them for dates. I normally charged $150 per date (the average date was 1 – 2 hours) and I never slept with those men. I just gave them good energy and interesting conversations so that they didn’t feel lonely.